Well, hello

If you’ve known me for long enough then there is a pretty good chance that you’ve read a blog I’ve written or at least heard me talk about a blog. I have had many blogs. The ones I stuck with the most were an outlet of sorts – a place where I could just be myself without my social anxiety making it weird. I really miss the internet of old when everyone wasn’t online and you could be fairly candid without anyone you knew in real life seeing it. You got mean comments sometimes but no one trolled you. Ahh, internet of the late 90’s – early 2000’s – I MISS YOU!

So. Here I am, starting another blog. Chasing that old internet feeling – sort of. I won’t be writing thousands of words about my feelings but I would like to be candid about my writing. I want to motivate myself in meeting my goals by putting them out there. I’d also like to connect with other writers. It’s weirdly tough to meet other writers at my level – people who aren’t published but still take it seriously. I have one whole friend at the moment who fits the bill – HI GRETCHEN!!!!!! – but I’d like to meet more. I also want a space where I could post random things and inspirations on days when my brain feels like mush.

Anyway, hello! I’m glad you’re here.

2 thoughts on “Well, hello

  1. I could have written this myself. I was the proud owner of a few blogs back in the day, all of which I overshared my personal feelings with the internet. I’ve wanted to blog again for awhile, but just haven’t built up the steam to do so. I’ve thought about ditching Facebook, and replacing that wasted time with a blog.


    1. I recently went on vacation and didn’t get on FB the entire time. Now that I’m back, I keep forgetting about it and I have to admit, it’s nice. I used to love social media but now it often just feels like a hassle and an unproductive one. I love the idea of ditching Facebook altogether in favor of a blog!


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