Imaginary Conversations

It feels weird to have started a writing blog when I’m not actually writing. I’ve been reading a lot about writing and doing some brainstorming but nothing with much substance. I suppose that coming up with the ideas is as important as the writing but it’s a lot harder to talk about.

I’ve been working on my Camp NaNo project a lot this week. I still have no real idea of where my story is going which freaks me out a little. However, I am getting a good feel for my characters. I realized today that I was imagining a conversation between the two main characters and I could picture them and even where they were. I wasn’t even trying to focus on my story, that is just what popped into my head. Once things like this start to happen, I know I’ve got a good handle on these people. And from the characters the story will come. Hopefully.

Side note: do you have imaginary conversations in your head? I have them all the time. Usually they’re with people I actually know but sometimes they’re between my characters. I used to have a fight with a boss I really disliked in my head at least once a week. I don’t think I ever had a real fight with that boss as I am prone to avoid conflict at all costs. You know how in movies people will have a conversation with a mirror? I don’t think I’ve ever done that in my life but I sure have plenty of made up conversations in my head.

2 thoughts on “Imaginary Conversations

  1. I’m experiencing the same Camp NaNo anxiety! There’s burgeoning character development but limited plot structure. Ah well, you can’t force the process, I suppose. I actually don’t have imagined conversations very often, but when I’m trying to help myself sleep at night I make up scenes between characters that I’ll play out until I drift off. It works pretty well, actually (though the scenes have to be pretty mellow; if they’re too exciting or interesting it starts to wake me up again)!

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    1. You have just summed up where my insomnia often comes from!! I find that to be a good way to drift off as well but I have a tendency to get too into it. Once my brain gets going, it’s so hard to turn off.

      I hope we both figure out a good plot as we barrel through Camp NaNo!


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