Ready for Camp

I have been fighting with a summer cold. I hate summer colds because they just seem to be extra rude. You expect a cold when it is cold out but not when it’s 115 degrees. It just defies logic. Anyway, this is one of the less than stellar parts of working with children.

Said cold has put a wrench in my Camp NaNoWriMo prep plans. I wanted to read various things in preparation. Instead, I spent most of my down time convalescing. I did read, just not as many articles and blogs and such. This cold has been annoying but it’s on its way out just in time for me to start writing. Maybe I won’t have crammed in extra bits of writing advice but I’m ready!

I have a glorious four day weekend ahead of me and, as I live in Phoenix, have absolutely no desire to venture outside. I decided to use the time off to get this project started with a bang. My goal is to write 2500 words a day over my long weekend so that I have 10,000 words under my belt very quickly. I have a few other days earmarked for extra words and my schedule has me finishing early. The general idea is that I’ve left myself some breathing room but I don’t intend to use it.

Here it is:
Camp NaNoWriMo Word Count Schedule
Day 1-4: 2500 words
Day 5-15: 1600 words
Day 16: 4000 words (write-in)
Day 17-21: 1600 words
Day 22-23: 2000 words
Day 24-27: 1600 words

On a completely unrelated note, here is what will be the biggest obstacle on this project. For once, I don’t think it will be me or other people…no, it will be this giant puppy. He’s 21 weeks tomorrow and he’s just all energy all the time. When I sit down to write, he usually makes a ton of noise and rams himself into me and all other sorts of fun things. My headphones are going to be a godsend for sure. Meet Leonard Wigglebottom. While Gerty is my writing partner…he’s my best excuse for not getting enough done. The devil on my shoulder if you will. As I’m typing this, he’s being very quiet and calm. Maybe I should call him out on the internet more often!IMG_6973

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