Some Quick Updates

Well, hello little neglected blog. I didn’t forget about you! I got busy with some other work-related things during Camp NaNo. I stopped blogging for a bit there but I won Camp Nano! It’s my first ever NaNo win and I’m very excited about it.

I have since done a proper outline on my current WIP and started my first real draft. My Camp NaNo draft was me trying to figure out the story more and I did. I’ve heard drafts like that called exploratory drafts or zero drafts. I kind of like zero drafts because that makes it easy for me to call what I’m currently doing my first draft.

I joined the Chance Challenge and am hoping to finish my first draft by mid-October. I really want to get a second draft done by the end of the year but I think I might be reaching a little. We’ll see. 

That’s the state of my current WIP. How’s your current project going?

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