My Current Manuscript and Some Goals

I got this particular idea while traveling and it was just this vague little impression, more of a start than anything. I added to it a little over the following weeks and used Camp NanoWriMo to write a zero draft. I was feeling out the story, writing in the dark and getting to better know my characters.

Once I had done that, I wrote an outline, wrote character bios, wrote about various settings, and generally got everything together so that I could write a “real” draft. That’s what I’ve been working on for the last couple of months.

This is another speed draft but it’s one with much more intention and direction. It’s still very much a rough draft though. I just completed the Chance Challenge and wrote 50,000 words during that time as I planned to do but my draft still isn’t done. I’m currently at 75,000 words and I think I’ll have it all wrapped up at about 92,000 words. I set a new goal to get to that point by October 23rd.

So here’s the thing. I’ve gotten pretty good at writing rough drafts. What I’ve not done nearly enough of is revising. I’m trying to get through this first draft as quickly as possible so that I can start making it good. I’m determined to get a decent second draft out of this manuscript.

Writing is such an odd thing. I’ve been doing this for years but have very little to show for it. Or at least, very little that I want to show anyone yet. I haven’t managed to get a manuscrip to a spot where I think I’ve shaped it well enough to show someone. However, I think it’s all been useful. I don’t have any formal training in writing. I’ve been figuring it out, reading as much as I can on the subject, and learning by doing. So, while I don’t mind that I have poured so much time into this craft, I’m ready to get some freaking feedback from something that has been shaped enough to share. There is only so much you can do on your own.

I would love to have my second draft done by the end of the year but with holidays and travel, I’m thinking I should be nice to myself and set the goal for the end of January. I’m still going to try for the end of the year just because I find that I enjoy a challenge. I do still have the whole job and family and life thing outside of the writing thing and have yet to figure out how to create more time in a day so…we’ll see. What about you? What are your writing goals for the rest of the year?

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