I am on the YouTube!

My friend Nicolle and I have started a YouTube channel. This is something I wanted to do for a while and it was tough. I made several videos and they all felt something was missing. It turns out that what was missing was Nicolle! Making videos with her felt so natural and it was a... Continue Reading →

Recently Read: Horror Edition!

I love horror films. LOVE THEM. But, I admit, I am no aficionado of horror books. I read a few Stephen King novels over the years and they usually led to me having horrible nightmares. Now, I know, nightmares aren't fun for anyone but the ones I have tend to be bad for anyone in... Continue Reading →

Some Quick Updates

Well, hello little neglected blog. I didn’t forget about you! I got busy with some other work-related things during Camp NaNo. I stopped blogging for a bit there but I won Camp Nano! It’s my first ever NaNo win and I’m very excited about it. I have since done a proper outline on my current... Continue Reading →

Ready for Camp

I have been fighting with a summer cold. I hate summer colds because they just seem to be extra rude. You expect a cold when it is cold out but not when it’s 115 degrees. It just defies logic. Anyway, this is one of the less than stellar parts of working with children. Said cold... Continue Reading →

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