Imaginary Conversations

It feels weird to have started a writing blog when I'm not actually writing. I've been reading a lot about writing and doing some brainstorming but nothing with much substance. I suppose that coming up with the ideas is as important as the writing but it's a lot harder to talk about. I've been working... Continue Reading →


One thing I love about writing is that when something really frustrating happens, you can use it in a story. That is exactly where I got the idea for my current project. I was traveling and hit some bad luck. Now, here’s the part where I get weird about how I will talk about what... Continue Reading →

Well, hello

If you've known me for long enough then there is a pretty good chance that you've read a blog I've written or at least heard me talk about a blog. I have had many blogs. The ones I stuck with the most were an outlet of sorts - a place where I could just be... Continue Reading →

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